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small-medium market
underdog brands of today
and tomorrow

Equipping you with the tools, resources, and necessary support to compete with more established brands.

Digital first

Bridging analog and digital

Taking a universal approach to data, accessibility, and scalability.

Plain talk

brands to the
power of the

The foundations of the future
act as your guard-rails for research
and development.

Corporate lingo

Clickex is
not about taking shortcuts

We charge a reasonable price,
hire great people,
and get out of their way.

Client Service

Be the authoritative
figure on Google for
your service business

As your certified Google Partner — trust Colten with your conversion rate optimization. His 8+ years of marketing experience started with international brands, such as Philip Morris Japan.

He is literally obsessed with increasing your booked calls and client meetings. His name might be Colten: but his game is most definitely business development.

Library of copy

Conversion copywriting
on demand

Considered an OG copywriter — Todd has been writing since being knee-high to a grasshopper. His writing chops include everything from copywriting to business writing, and heck: even writing the menu for food and beverage joints.

His more than 20 years of experience includes government, post-secondary and schwacks of startups.

As your brand steward, he speaks to one reader and scales for larger markets.

Think Different

Good keywords.
Better copy.

Sush is a growing copywriter with more than 3+ years of digital marketing experience. He is known as our hinge. That's because he swings between writing your web copy and developing your SEO content.

His love for copywriting is only rivaled by his love of pop culture.


Unmatched agency experience for your marketing needs

Known for being a risk-taker, Alejandra (Allie) steps into a Junior Copywriter role with diverse agency experience in her back pocket. She adds her unwavering passion for storytelling mixed in with a sprinkle of accountability and a dash of collaborating.

Allie is here to 10x your marketing campaigns with the right balance of custom conversion copywriting and the nitty gritty lens of Public Relations essentials.

shockingly scalable

Smart websites
meet smarter marketing

Untap your marketing development
with builders for quizzes, forms, and
so much more.

Lightning Fast

The next best click for
powering your growth

Build a legacy brand through the power of the internet.

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