Get more client bookings. Grow your business with Clickex.

👋 Hi There. I'm Colten. I help businesses grow.

If you run a service-based business in Alberta, and you want more phone callsmore emails, and more online form submissions from potential clients, we can help.

We grow client bookings for Alberta service businesses by leveraging Google's organic and paid ad channels. Our framework is simple, and it works.

If you need more client bookings, appointments, and inbound leads, book a time to talk with me and see how we can grow your business through inbound leads.

Colten Nahrebeski

What we'll cover when we speak

What to expect during our consultation.

The number one question to ask before we connect is, "is Clickex the right SEO and PPC agency for your needs?"

We work with Alberta-based service businesses – if your business relies on clients contacting you and booking meetings or appointments, this falls within our purview.

We have a network of Edmonton-based partners who can help with Facebook Ads, social media management, and video production, but we focus solely on SEO and PPC (specifically, Google Ads) performance, underpinned by high performance business websites.

Current performance

A quick review of your current marketing and website performance and it's bottom line impact for your business.

Areas of improvement

What can you do to direct your current or anticipated marketing spend in the most effective way possible?

Quick Opportunities

Identifying a number of areas where quick changes can be made to drive improved results and more bookings for your business.

Marketing Scope

The tools and processes that would be most beneficial to your business both short-term and long-term.

Resources needed

General outline of anticipated work needed from both sides, as well as marketing spend.

Process Intro

Timeline, first steps, and what it's like to work with Clickex. Basically, what to expect once we kick off.