Colten Nahrebeski
Clickex Marketing

It's no secret we love the Thrive Themes suite of tools, including Thrive Theme Builder and Thrive Architect.

It makes the process of putting up new content, editing site pages, and deploying templates across sites super easy and intuitive.

In today's video, we look at building a content box banner (some would call it a block) to interlink two articles on a site with a strong and contextual CTA.

This matters, because it:

1. Increases user engagement with your site, including time spent on site

2. Helps your SEO performance by indicating to Google that your content is related, and centers around a theme or topic that is pertinent to your site (and hence the site should be a contender for a better ranking around those keywords)

If you're not already using Thrive Architect to develop your webpages, no sweat. There are 100 different ways to do something similar to this – this just happens to be our preferred method within our toolkit.

If you're interested in having a similar setup on your site, reach out to us about having your site built properly with a custom-built theme via our Thrive Themes web development service.

You can contact us here.

You can learn more about our high performance business website development service here.

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