brand voice

Finally get a
brand voice that
stays consistent and on brand

Differentiate your brand based on fundamental key factors of vocabulary, cadence and tone.

Brand personification

Reach agreement on
what your brand voice
should sound like

There's no other way to say it: Clickex is awesome.

Not only are they passionate about what they do?

They are also damn good at it.

They didn't just make us a cool logo and a sweet website (which they did). They got to know who we are as a company and translated it to match up with our ideal clients.

Brock Beaudoin
Cross Iron Residential Renovations

true North

You deserve more than
12 different opinions on how
your brand should sound

Develop a practical source of differentiation for
how your brand behaves and acts.


Analyze vocabulary
and tweak dials for
best fit to bond
readers to your


Analyze cadence
and adjust rhythm
based on structure
and flow of
sentence length.


Analyze how tone
shifts in topic to
alter how readers
receive your

Shared language

Determine if your
brand perception lags behind
your audited and verbal results

Develop your initial bridge for core purpose and brand strategy.

Core Purpose

It's so much more
than story branding

Stamp simple statements on why you
are here and who you are here for.

Verbal glue

Discover your
verbal approach for what
glues your team together

Transform hidden details
into a powerful verbal narrative
and tell stories of action.

Story branding

Understand how
shared language
carries your story
from beginning to

Hidden Details

Uncover your
functional and
emotional benefits
of why you do what
you do.

Bridge the gap

Celebrate your
future direction by
bridging gaps, and
merging strategy
and design.

Brand handshake

What is the difference between
a soda or Coke,
or a car and Tesla?

Offer durable advantages
with brand meaning
built on emotional values.

Brand truths

Brand building isn't
done by a magical
and mythical wizard
hiding behind a

Branding is a business process
designed bit by bit and stage by

Brand strategy

The only strategic branding
for your Edmonton service business

Find out the difference between
brand management and brand leadership.

Brand Requirements

Set the foundations
behind your brand
purpose based
on three

Brand benchmarks

Understand that
brand value and
brand equity takes
time, money and

Brand architecture

Structure position
for today and
tomorrow with a
common and clearly
understood goal.

Common Direction

Build toolkits—not logos

Package a purpose and strategy
that goes beyond symbols
or generic pieces of copy.

Growth engine

Never lose
another customer to
a slow-loading website

Better traffic. Drool-worthy growth.

Design process

The nuts and bolts of
getting ideas agreed

Cut through conventions and perceptions with
different approaches to design.

Visual aspects

Pinpoint best words,
images and

Graphic manifestation

Build logical routes
through design

Branding scheme

Share design
journeys for best
possible fits.

Lightning Fast

The next best click for
powering your growth

Build a legacy brand through the power of the internet.

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