Data Driven SEO management.

Attract your ideal customers.

Just having a website isn't enough to grow your service business and earn more client bookings.

Our SEO process brings you more potential clients through ranking on Google. Surpass your competition for key search terms and book more appointments.

Why does every Alberta service business need an SEO strategy?

SEO (search engine optimization) is ideal process to bring in long-term traffic from search engines like Google. When you optimize for a term (eg. "south Edmonton physiotherapy clinic") and rank in Google, the people who click that term are actively searching for the service you offer. They are your ideal audience.

However, Google SERPs (search engine results pages) are a ruthless landscape. Your competitors are often trying to rank for the same terms, and Google's algorithms change frequently – what worked last year may not work this year. It takes strategy and effort to earn and retain a top position.

But when you do earn a top position for key search terms, your site can triple, quadruple, or even 10x the number of service bookings you receive. The business boost from being ranked highly in Google is undeniable; your best clients find your site organically all day, every day, and you have the contextual trust already of being the first, second, or third link in their Google search results.

Clickex SEO clients see measurable long term growth in their site traffic, leading to increased conversions and business performance.

The Clickex Marketing SEO Growth Framework

Our SEO management relationship is designed to deliver tangible improvements in 90 day "sprints" – we will contract with you for 3 months to support your SEO growth and deliver on the following.

Site & Competitor Audit Phase

We run an in depth audit on your site and your top competitors to identify gaps, opportunities, and trends. This gives us the background necessary to create your unique SEO strategy.

SEO Strategy Design phase

We build out the documentation, content "pillars", and distribution calendar that will best support your goals. We also help craft your service offer to best speak to your clients.

Execution Phase

We take the plans and deploy them: analytics & reporting optimization, website optimization, and SEO content creation and distribution support.


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