Perfect leads

Your ideal client really does exist

Never second-guess who they are thanks to an expertly crafted and intuitive roadmap.

Seamless buyer journeys

Match your buyer expectations
across your headlines,
body copy, sections, and
so much more

As the first California Pizza Kitchen location to land in Canada, we needed an integrated website to scale with our business and drive our national brand reputation.

I was impressed with how Clickex got to know our needs and goals, and how they baked that into a sustainable platform with a very secure ecosystem for our corporate site.

They took an established global brand and tailored it to the Canadian market in new and creative ways.

By focusing on online customer actions, Clickex built us a reservation and revenue generation tool that is user-friendly for mobile and desktop users alike.

Naheed Shariff


Shariff Co. / California Pizza Kitchen - Alberta

Money Maker

Don't sell a product or service.
Create a buyer for it instead.

Speak to unresolved problems,
simplify switching services, and
overcome buyer objections with irresistible offers.

Magnetic Headlines

Impact buying
decisions, reduce
bounce, and
engagement with
outcome headlines.

Proof Bars

Build trust and
credibility with
social proof that
anxieties of buyer

Switching sections

Make it easier
for buyers to
switch services
by showing them
their desirable

Design Feedback

Great copy is not the
only thing solely responsible for
increasing website conversion rates

Organize and display your copywriting
with wireframes for design feedback
before starting production.

Medium fidelity

Wire up before
you code up

Test your page layout, conversion
copywriting, and information
architecture for true collaboration.

Design Prototypes

Balance persuasive copywriting
with usable layouts

Web copywriting is one thing but
your usability must underpin any and all conversions.

Collaborative Edits

Save time (and
money) by implementing
changes in seconds
versus changes that
take weeks.

Creative processes

Open dialogue
for intuitive
in real-time
and take control
of your project.

Reader Flow

Put your attention
where it matters:
on conversion
copywriting that
speaks to one

Improve Speed

What if your site loaded
in two seconds or less?

It's a fact: slow-loading websites
equal lower conversion rates of more than 1%.

Conversion Paths

Google search
page rankings
meet increased

Increase conversions with the
Clickex framework.

Drive conversions

"I was able to
quadruple my website traffic
in just a few months"

Custom websites.
Built to run digital marketing.

Intentional Process

Customize your
website designs for
desktop and a
mobile first

Information architecture

Define your reader
flow and overall
architecture for
future scalability

Sandbox environments

Create final site
builds that are bug-
free and developed
for high performance.

Lightning Fast

The next best click for
powering your growth

Build a legacy brand through the power of the internet.

What do you want to work on?
  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Design
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