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Take charge of matching buyers to your products or services

Understanding your B2C buyer

As a quick recap, there are different types of buyers and they are classified as an approval, primary, technical and procurement buyer. You can approach each buyer based on specificity for your content mix.

All four are important to your business goals, and although they showcase similar characteristics, each buyer requires a different marketing plan because they all go through a different buyer journey. 

You have a lot on your plate as an entrepreneur, solopreneur, coach, consultant, expert, marketer or copywriter. But, having a better understanding of your buyers goes a long way for helping them decide on purchasing your products or services. 

Here are some ways to uncover that better understanding of your B2C buyers, and stop second-guessing who they are. 

And make it easier for them to find you by crafting an intuitive roadmap for them instead.

Creating a buyer for your products or services

The B2C buyer makes many purchasing decisions on a daily or hourly basis. This includes food shopping or bigger items, such as a holiday, or new home insurance and even which brand to trust with their financial advisory needs. 

A major part of their buying behavior is the trust factor behind those same purchase decision processes. 

This is what you're seeking to understand when planning your approach to marketing to a relevant group of customers. 

Some of their decisions might be impulsive, while others need some time for more fact-gathering and deliberation. 

Your potential buyer must decide whether or not they're satisfied with the decision they made, if they'll buy again, or if they'll even recommend your product or services to others. 

But, there is no way around it: your job is to convert perfect strangers into buyers. That said, where do you start?

At the core of your marketing with a spotlight on the five stages to the decision-making process, or what is called AIDAN: 

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action, and
  • Nurturing

AIDAN is a helpful approach for speaking to the unresolved problems of your buyers, and positions you with a better way to overcome buyer objections with irresistible offers.

The goal of AIDAN is to determine how to grab your B2C buyer attention, pique their interest and create a desire for their ideal outcome. 

Once you get them to take action on your offer, the final step is to develop your relationship with them by continuing to nurture them with a single and incredible value.

The million dollar question remains: how do you grab their attention?

By understanding their behaviours and motivations behind their decision-making.

B2C customer characteristics

Let's take a quick look at some example B2C buyer characteristics, and consider how they impact your marketing activity. 

A list of non-exhaustive geographical reasons factor-in the buying process for your products or services. This includes if your business is a brick–and–mortar business, a retail store, a health club, or even a safe space as a well-being practitioner. 

You need to find customers that live or work locally, and can easily visit you. Or have a one-touch channel for buying your products or services online.

Demographic factors, such as age and gender, are also relevant to buying decisions: is your customer newly married? Do they have a young family? Or are they preparing for their children to leave home? 

And, while less tangible, who can forget psychographic characteristics, such as lifestyle, customer values, and socio-economics? 

All these characteristics and more impact the decision-making process for buying your products or services.

Factors that influence the B2C customer

Your ability to influence decision-making lies at the core of all your marketing efforts. 

Your potential customers are influenced by many factors, from their own knowledge and experience, to the shared knowledge and experience from friends, family, and peers. 

Purchase decisions are also influenced by marketing events. 

Many organizations run regular brand awareness campaigns, or run specific promotional offers, such as a Black Friday sale, or even a limited-time offer for a pop-up event. 

Understanding how your customer evaluates brands is also important. 

For many, this is where perception and attitudes come into play.

Some might be influenced by environmental concerns and ethical reasons, while others may be stimulated by certain packaging, key messages, and celebrity endorsements. 

The truth is, buyers are attacked by thousands of marketing messages daily. From post-modern sushi logos to European coffee, they are surrounded by carefully manufactured brands or worse: cheap knock-offs.

But, no matter what: you need to make your prospective Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP) aware of your products or services before they buy. 

By taking a different lens to your own products or services, you are taking a step closer to creating seamless buyer journeys by matching buyer expectations across your headlines, copywriting, and so much more.

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Todd O'Keefe, BPR

Considered an OG copywriter — Todd has been writing since being knee-high to a grasshopper. His writing chops include everything from copywriting to business writing, and heck: even writing the menu for food and beverage joints. His more than 20 years of experience includes government, post-secondary and schwacks of startups. As your brand steward, he speaks to one reader and scales for larger markets.

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